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Chodai Signs Contract to provide Construction Supervision Service on Northern Marmara Motorway (3rd Bosphorus Bridge) in Turkey


Chodai has agreed to join JV together with Yuksel proje(Turkey), known well as a competent Turkish construction consulting company, to make a bid for Consultancy Service during the Construction Period of Construction of Northern Marmara (3rd Bosphorus Bridge included) Motorway Odayeri-Pasakoi (3rd Bosphorus Bridge included) with Build-Operate-Transfer Model, Operation and Transfer Project, and then at the early of August, the JV has signed a TRY 64 million (USD 34 million) contract successfully with Turkish Highway Authority (KGM, named in Turkish) in Turkey. The project period is 39 months in total.


Many other engineering companies in the world invited for a public bid of the project have competed together with by proposing the technical plan and expertise, and among them, Chodai was finally selected as the most qualified company for the project and got awarded, which is the second time win since the contract of construction supervision service on Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge was made at the early of May this year. So this proves definitely Chodai is not only a top engineering company in the world but also has a good opportunity to be able to provide the high-end technology in the way of the Design and Construction Supervision for Suspension Bridge. 


The contract involves providing the construction supervision service on the Northern Marmar Motorway (L=125km of 325km in total length), crossing the Bosphorus Strait and linking the Marmar Strait with the Black Sea to run around Istanbul City in Turkey, and Chodai is mainly responsible for conducting the construction supervision task on the 3rd Bosphorus Suspension Bridge (L=2,164m, main span L=1,400).


The bridge is the first time suspension bridge consisting of a combined cable-stayed and suspension cable system, and sometimes called Dischinger-type suspension bridge. Moreover, the tower of the bridge is GL+321.9m high and the stiffening girder is 54.6m wide with both 8-lane carriage way and a double-track railway, so these features make it to become the top class mega-bridge in the world.


In Turkey, the development of further highway network is on progress and new huge bridge projects like Dardanelles Strait Bridge are upcoming. With the long-span bridge technology and know-how gained from many past projects, Chodai will develop further the technology as well as continue to promote activities aiming at getting awarded for the new projects.



Image of 3rd Bosporus Bridge