Chodai’s Business What Is Construction Consulting

What Does a Construction Consultant Do?

  • Architecture
  • Disaster Prevention Plan
  • Road Maintenance
  • Construction Management
  • Design/Construction Work
  • Civil Engineering Work
  • Bridge Design
  • Maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance

A construction consultant offers solutions to issues about social infrastructure and public services such as road/bridge design, public transportation-related measures and disaster prevention while working towards the promotion of renewable energy and environmental conservation.

What Is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities necessary for people’s lives and industries such as public facilities including roads, bridges, ports, airports, railways, hospitals and schools in addition to electricity, water and gas which support convenient, safe and secure lives. Infrastructure can be defined as all those everyday things which are required for leading a normal life.


Does a Construction Consultant Build Infrastructure?
What Differentiates It from a Construction Company?


There are five processes that must be undertaken, ranging from ‘Investigation’ to ‘operation/maintenance’, before infrastructure can be put in place.
Such processes clearly show the difference between the roles of construction consultants and those of construction companies.


Conduct ground, geological and environmental investigations to decide on the implementation of the infrastructure development and analyze and assess their results.


Draw up a specific project plan based on the investigation results and opinions obtained from intellectuals and local communities.


Design a structure based on the land, surveying the results necessary for the project and focusing on economic efficiency, convenience, good effects to be obtained, etc.


Manage the construction work conducted by general contractors as a consultant so that the structure is safely built as designed according to the process plan.

Until Completion of Infrastructure Development
Work as a Construction Consultant!


Periodically check the conditions of the facilities and draw up a plan for the maintenance, reinforcement and improvement in the durability of the infrastructure. In addition, work as a service provider by providing services in addition to maintaining existing infrastructure assets.

After Completion of Infrastructure Development
Work as a Service Provider!

What Is the Infrastructure Service Provider that Chodai Aims to Become?

Chodai’s ultimate goal is to “Listen to People, and Create a Future.” We consider all things required for people’s safe and secure lives as infrastructure and spontaneously control all processes starting with the Plan, and moving to Construction, and then to Operation/Maintenance in order to offer comprehensive management services. The infrastructure service provider that we aim to become is effectively a “constructive” consultant that can meet social expectations and create a better future.