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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name:



20-4, 1-chome, Nihonbashi- Kakigaracho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0014

Capital Fund

3,107,500,000 Japanese Yen


February 21, 1968

Number of Employees

736 (31st December, 2013)

Main Bank

MIZUHO Bank, Ltd.
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
The Joyo Bank, Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Business Activities



  • Studies, planning, design, asset management and inspection, diagnosis, testing, design of bridge repairs and special structures.
  • Analysis and experiment.
  • Construction management and construction supervision
  • Design for civil structures and facilities.


  • Studies, planning, design, construction supervision for roads, tunnels and associated facilities.
  • Studies, estimates, evaluation, maintenance planning for nature conservation, living environment, and maintenance planning of building and facilities.
  • Studies, planning, design for local plans, urban plans, regional plans and urban facilities (parks etc.).
  • Studies, planning, design for water supply, pumping stations and processing facilities.
  • Studies, analysis, planning, design, for river improvements, irrigation, environment and river structures.
  • Viability studies for the introduction of PFI and advisory work for PFI.
  • Studies, analysis, planning, design, operation management for general traffic plans, road development plans, route plans and advanced road traffic systems such as Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
Information Services
  • Consultancy, system planning and design for data processing infrastructure.
  • Consultancy, social experiments, system planning, design and data maintenance for advanced road traffic systems (ITS).
  • Consultancy, system planning, design, software development, data maintenance and operational management for road maintenance.
  • Planning, production and sale of software products.
Construction technology (ARCOM construction business)
  • Planning, design, supervision and projects, studies, research and technical supervision in relation to construction, city planning, and interior design
Eco products business
  • Development and sales of civil engineering related products that promote environment conservation and energy saving

Professional Qualifications (30th September 2013)

Ph. D., 18
Registered Professional Engineer 343
Project Management Professional 2
Value Engineering Leader 16
Registered Civil Consulting Manager 91
1st-class Registered Architect 12
1st-class Registered Construction Management Engineer 86
Class 1 Information Technology Engineer 5
Registered Surveyor 50
Certified Environmental Surveyor 5