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Chodai signs construction supervision contract for Northern Marmara Motorway (3rd Bosporus Bridge included) in Turkey


On August 5th, the joint venture between Chodai Co., Ltd. and leading Turkish construction consulting company Yuksel Proje signed a construction supervision contract with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications / General Directorate of Highways (KGM) for Consultancy Service during the Construction Period of Construction of Northern Marmara (3rd Bosporus Bridge included) Motorway Odayeri―Pasakoi (3rd Bosporus Bridge included) with Build-Operate-Transfer Model, Operation and Transfer Project.


(Total contract amount: 63,995,800 Turkish Lira (approx. 3.4 billion yen), total construction period: 39 months)


Chodai was awarded the project through international competitive bidding in which several other multinational consortia participated by submitting competing technical proposals, which confirms the worldwide recognition of Chodai’s suspension bridge design and construction supervision technology. Chodai again had the opportunity to showcase its technical expertise on a state-of-the-art project, previously demonstrated through projects such as the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and the construction supervision of Izmit Bay Bridge which was awarded to Chodai in May 2013.


This project involves the construction supervision of the Northern Marmara Motorway (125km of the 325km total length) which will bypass the northern part of Turkey’s largest city Istanbul and then cross the Bosporus strait, connecting the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Chodai is responsible for construction supervision of the 3rd Bosporus Bridge (L = 2,164m, center span L = approx. 1,400m), a suspension bridge to be built over the strait.


The 3rd Bosporus Bridge is the world’s first real Dischinger bridge (a hybrid between a suspension bridge and a cable-stayed bridge) and will be one of the largest suspension-type bridges in the world with its GL+321.9m main tower and W = 54.6m main girder with 8 car lanes and a double-track railway.


Turkey is aggressively expanding its highway network and future projects now being planned also include world-class suspension bridges such as the Dardanelles Strait Bridge. Since Chodai has continuously developed its large-scale bridge technology over the years and contributed to the construction of both Izmit Bay Bridge and the 3rd Bosporus Bridge, the company is now in a good position to compete for new future projects.