Pursuing technology to make dreams come true

Message from the President

Creating an environment
where people can live with dreams.

We aim to be the consulting firm that provides services
for various local infrastructure projects.

President Masahiro NOMOTO

PresidentMasahiro NOMOTO

We have created a local infrastructure where people can live with "dreams", and have developed the technology to support it, by holding "People, dreams, and technology" as our core values. And by using this technology, we will change to be a more competent company to provide services for various local infrastructure projects towards a safer society.
Our life is with nature. "People" can only live by getting along with nature. Chodai thinks that the local infrastructure maintenance is getting along with nature. We think that Chodai's responsibility is to provide services for people in the world to live safely in peace in nature with their "dreams". It is not only a direct connection with nature such as disaster prevention and local facilities maintenance, but also transport support in the aging society, hospitals and schools support in developing countries, and energy development support for the construction of a low carbon society.

Chodai has technology to provide various services for people and nature in all stages from planning to the use of the local infrastructure. We will go toward creating a beautiful and comfortable environment by using this technology.

The key words "people, dreams and technologies" have been carried across to form the name of the pure holding company established on October 1st, 2021: "The People, Dreams & Technologies Group Co., Ltd." As the central company of this corporate group, Chodai plans to continue to hone its expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies, and to press ahead in its pursuit of grander and more innovative dreams.