Toward Our Glorious, Prosperous Future

Efforts for Sustainability

Amid growing global concerns over the state of human society and the environment, sustainability initiatives are becoming a high-profile issue. "sustainability" is defined herein as "business operation focusing on social sustainability."
Currently, construction consultants are expected to play important roles in addressing various challenges such as environmental conservation, regional revitalization effective against rapidly aging populations with declining birth rate, and the introduction of new renewable energy sources, on top of the promotion of national resilience against increasingly more threatening natural disasters. Other than addressing issues arising out of the external environment, a company can further increase sustainability awareness across society by setting an example with regard to the promotion of work style reform, diversity, and women's empowerment earlier than its competitors.

Chodai aims to create a sustainable society from the "ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)" standpoint.

Environmental initiatives

There exist different environmental challenges, ranging from familiar issues such as noise pollution, air pollution, garbage, and water pollution, to global issues including global warming as well as the threat to endangered animal species.
Chodai has addressed these issues and engaged in a number of environment-friendly infrastructure development projects both home and abroad. We have worked hard to decrease the influence of construction activities on plants and animals in the wild, to say nothing of the giving of special consideration to people's lives. Also, we conduct workshops and educational activities in local communities as part of our environment-oriented business promotion campaigns. In addition, we are committed to the development of renewable energy utilization through small-scale hydraulic power generation, wind power, biomass, and other technologies in a bid to foster and preserve a sustainable society for the next generation.

Investigation of the impact on the environment of road construction and railway development

We investigate, analyze, and assess the extent to which each project conducted by Chodai will impact on the environment. If the study will find that some species would be impacted, we will undertake protective measures accordingly.

Environmental conservation activities, with local children participating

Aiming to make the surrounding project areas green and to preserve the precious ecological system for future generations, we conducted environmental conservation activities in the forms of workshops and tree-planting projects in collaboration with elementary, middle, and high schools or contractors in local communities.

Introduction of composting toilet systems as a way of improving the environmental conditions of emerging countries

We have introduced composting toilet systems that have been developed in Japan in countries and regions with poor aquatic and hygienic environments. These systems are now contributing to the environmental improvement of emerging and developing countries, including Vietnam.

Social initiatives

With Japan's population in rapid decline, we face challenges such as how we can secure human resources and create a better work environment in order to help each employee maximize his/her capability. Giving solutions to these challenges does not just bring about growth and prosperity to a company but also provides varied human resources with stages where they can exercise their abilities. As a result, such human resources find solutions for social problems.
People strive to create an environment where they can lead safe and secure lives in pursuit of their dreams while each employee works hard to improve his/her skills and enjoys an affluent life. To realize this, Chodai has prepared comfortable workplaces for employees and has implemented institutional reforms such as promoting diversity and work-life balance: the art of accepting differences in employees' personal backgrounds and work conditions as well as women's empowerment. We aim to become a company where employees can choose their own work styles appropriate to a new era regardless of gender or age.

Handbook about Chodai's "work style"
We have published the "Chodai Lifestyle Handbook" describing our work style system for distribution to all employees.
Women's "brilliance" at workplace
We have established the "7C Project" consisting of only female members so that female employees can be more energetically active in their fields. We strive to develop a new framework to improve our corporate culture and environment.
Child care assistance at in-house nursery school
We have set up the "Kakehashi Nursery," which is to be operated in cooperation with two other companies in the same industry. It is intended as a child care assistance program and one solution to an increasing number of children on the waiting list for nurseries.
Senior generations' knowledge passed down to the younger generations
We have introduced a re-employment system that enables employees who have reached the retirement age to train their younger colleagues on the skills and expertise they have acquired over the years in their career.

Corporate governance initiatives

Chodai strives to strengthen our corporate governance in order to protect the interests of all stakeholders such as the clients, employees, and business partners, and to secure transparency and fairness in decision-making. We appoint several external board members as a matter of policy for the purpose of establishing an effective management and business execution system as well as of developing a highly workable supervisory mechanism for board members. We spontaneously consider appointing female candidates to external board members.

Also, we have established an internal control policy aiming to completely and successfully implement our corporate governance system and subsequently fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility. We continuously carry out initiatives for corporate governance by establishing an internal control committee to promote our internal control and report on the appropriate execution of programs.