Project consulting is not the end of our services, but merely the beginning.


In order to create a sustainable society and a beautiful earth,
we strive to conserve and improve the global environment.

At Chodai, we are involved in a wide range of environmental projects that bring together our expert knowledge and the latest technologies, from noise problems to global challenges, including environmental quality investigation, environmental impact prediction, assessment, and conservation plans. For example, we have a business offering in eco-friendly products such as the “concrete form reuse system” in which we produce environmentally friendly material by reusing concrete formwork waste material. We also have an eco-sanitation business, which installs bio-toilets to improve the environment in emerging and developing countries.

Chodai is committed to addressing various environmental challenges surrounding public infrastructures from the consumer perspective. In order to create a sustainable society, we will delve into the causes of environmental issues such as noise problems and air pollution, which are becoming increasingly complex and diversified. We will contribute to the planning and execution of necessary measures from the technical perspective. While global demand to realize a sustainable society exists, we will strive to improve the quality of life through environmental conservation under our strong belief that “environmental protection and technological innovation are essential for infrastructure development.”