Project consulting is not the end of our services, but merely the beginning.


We are expanding our business area from structural to architectural construction.
We support education, healthcare and welfare from an architectural perspective.

In 2010, Chodai established the ARCOM Construction Project Department, entering into the architecture business full-scale. In terms of infrastructure development, we have created a system to support educational facilities, healthcare and welfare facilities, and public housing from an architectural perspective. Schools are vital for providing an environment for children to grow; therefore, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology issued a request that each local government formulate an extension of the service-life plan of school facilities by 2020. Based on preventive maintenance management, the educational facilities we have worked on have incorporated measures to extend service life in the project plans, meeting the requirements of local governments.
For example, in Niigata Prefecture’s Tainai Municipal Nakajo Sukoyaka Childcare Center , the nursery is constructed with wood sourced from Niigata Prefecture, in accordance to the local city policy. Not only does this extend the life of the building, it also contributes to global environmental conservation and regional economic revitalization. In this way, Chodai demonstrates our expertise in design management of environmentally conscious designs suitable for educational activities, from the development of construction plans for new educational facilities to the reconstruction of aging school buildings, as well as fortification of existing buildings to increase disaster resilience.