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Town Planning and Public Welfare

Addressing the needs of an aging population,
we create environments in which the elderly can live safely,
securely and comfortably in good health.

In Japan, against the backdrop of a declining population, aging is rapidly progressing at a never before seen speed. One result is the increase in traffic accidents involving the elderly. Accordingly, it has become important goal to ensure a safe means of transportation for the elderly, who are the most vulnerable road users, to assist their daily routines such as hospital visits and shopping. It is also necessary to create an environment in which people are able to go out safely by reducing the number of traffic accidents involving senior citizens.

At Chodai, we leverage our deep understanding and expertise on road traffic and community development. We are currently involved in various initiatives such as the development of local public transportation planning projects to ensure transportation for vulnerable road users, operations of on-demand traffic, and investigation of traffic safety measures to reduce traffic accidents involving the elderly. Meanwhile, we are also conducting surveys and research on autonomous driving systems. Additionally, our group company JUNPUZI. CO., LTD. focuses on health-related services. We strive to contribute to creating an environment where the elderly can live safely, securely and comfortably.