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We promote the business creation style
through our original management techniques.

Chodai's vision of growth

Chodai aims to further develop our consulting business by providing the service itself and we will create the future with three core business lines; "roads, transport, regional community", "environment and new energy" and "healthcare, welfare, construction". Chodai has high quality expertise that can horizontally develop a wide range of businesses and various technologies such as PFI/PPP, legal affairs, finance, financial affairs, and IT.

With these advantages as the core, we show that our management skills that made a great success of many infrastructure projects, and we promote alliances with the appropriate corporations and groups of experts for each project. The business creation style for various projects will be promoted.

  • Line I

    Road, transport, regional community

    Road, transport, regional communityWe are expanding our existing core business. By integrating specialized technology while centering on the existing civil engineering department, we will develop our business with the direction as the service provider in areas such as road maintenance and repair, the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and the management of roads.

  • Line II

    Environment and new energy

    Environment and new energyWe promote the environmental business related social infrastructure in areas such as environmental studies, the diagnosis business,micro-hydroelectric power generation, biomass power generation, and the water infrastructure business by using our know-how of road and bridge construction projects in the field of the growing global market.

  • Line III

    Community Development

    Solutions for issues and challenges in infrastructure both in Japan and overseas should not be thought of at the individual facility level. They should instead be comprehensively considered from the perspectives of community revitalization, reorganization, and development that benefit the entire community. We offer a comprehensive range of services that goes beyond the conventional services provided by construction consultants.