Project consulting is not the end of our services, but merely the beginning.


A global leader in bridge designs with extensive experience throughout Japan.
We focus on increasing productivity using advanced technology.

Bridge construction and designing has been the foundation of our business. Since our inception, we have been involved in numerous long-span bridge designing projects in Japan, including the Honshu–Shikoku Bridge Project. Our expert technology is well-regarded worldwide, and we have participated in various overseas national projects, including those in neighboring countries and rapidly growing Southeast Asian economies. Currently, we are competing along with overseas consulting firms for procurement of large-scale global projects from South America to Europe, Africa, and South Asia.

In Japan, the promotion of initiatives for the development and utilization of infrastructure such as “i-Construction,”*1 “Infrastructure Maintenance Revolution,” “Compact Plus Network,” and “Using Big Data for Transportation Safety Measures” leads to improvement in productivity of society as a whole. In response to these efforts, we are working on developing new inspection methods using robotics and drones to compensate for the shortage of engineers to fulfill the scheduled maintenance requirements of bridges. We are also introducing Building Information Modeling (BIM)/Construction Information Modeling (CIM)*2 into our business operations.

*1 i-Construction: A Japanese government initiative promoting improved productivity at construction sites through the use of ICT and creating a more attractive working environment.
*2 BIM/CIM: An initiative optimizing the efficiency of construction projects as a whole with the implementation of ICT tools and 3D data models.