Project consulting is not the end of our services, but merely the beginning.

Information & Telecommunications

We apply cutting-edge information technology to support corporate business
improvement plans and Japan’s information infrastructure development.

Throughout the history of Chodai, we have provided cutting-edge information technology in our various consulting services. What makes us unique is that we offer information system consulting services that include the development of system plans customized to our clients’ business operations, or the development of business improvement plans in preparation of system implementation, rather than merely assisting in the development of a system. In recent years, we have linked various systems online and have been engaged in the design and development of a system that handles big data covering nationwide areas and a consolidated management system for fundamental geospatial data that will be highly effective for autonomous driving.

In terms of road management operations in the event of natural disasters, optical networks and communication facilities become increasingly important as a base for collecting, transmitting, and providing information of many kinds. Based on our history as a construction consultant, Chodai is actively partaking in survey planning and design development of information infrastructures, such as optical networks and communication facilities contributing to the Japanese government initiatives of national land management.