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Building National Resilience through Infrastructure Maintenance

The aging of infrastructures, extension of service life, National Resilience…
We contribute to resolving challenges that Japan is currently facing.

We are surrounded by bridges and tunnels, roads and roadside facilities, and playground equipment in parks. These are all man-made structures, and it is inevitable that deterioration or functional decline due to aging or unexpected environmental changes occurs. Chodai is actively involved in countermeasures for aging infrastructures and the extension of service life, which are major challenges for local and national governments. We promote the effective use of existing infrastructures through earthquake-resistance verification and research on extending service life. We also contribute to Japan’s National Resilience measures to protect the lives and properties of people from accidents caused by aging infrastructures or natural disasters.
In recent years, we have also developed various solutions to improve the efficiency and functionality of daily maintenance management, as well as in the event of natural disasters, including tools for bridge and road facility inspection, and the patrol assistance system “i-Pato NOTE”. We provide advanced and extensive technologies to efficiently maintain and manage public assets so that they may be safely used for a long time.