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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name: CHODAI CO., LTD.
Headquarters 1-20-4,Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0014,JAPAN
Capital Fund 3,107,500,000 Japanese Yen
Foundation February 21, 1968
Number of Employees 841 (As of September 30, 2021)
Main Bank MIZUHO Bank, Ltd.
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
The Joyo Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Resona Bank, Ltd.

Board of Directors and Auditors

Representative Director and President Yasuji NAGAYA
Director Akinori IDO
Director Masahiro NOMOTO
Director Masahiko KATO
Director Masahiko YOSHIMOTO
Director Shigeru GYOUDA
Director Hiroyuki SHIOGAMA
Director Hironobu ONO
Director (Outside) Akira TANABE
Director (Outside) Minoru HIRANO
Corporate Auditor Hidekazu NISHIMURA
Corporate Auditor (External) Masahide YOKOYAMA

Business Activities

Consulting Business

  • Structural Engineering Business

    • Surveys, planning, design and construction supervision of bridges and special structures
    • Structural analysis and experiments
    • Construction management (CM)
    • Design of civil engineering structures and facilities
    • Research and development of foundation structures and construction methods
  • Social Infrastructure Business

    • Road planning/design, comprehensive transportation planning and road development planning
    • Surveys, planning, design and operation management related to intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
    • Surveys, planning, design, software development and operation/management related to information systems
    • Surveys, planning and design of telecommunication facilities related to roads, rivers, etc.
    • Surveys, planning, design and operation management related to port/river disaster prevention
    • Surveys and design for urban and regional planning
    • Road operation management
    • Information services for data management of public facilities
    • Geological and soil surveys
    • Disaster prevention construction related to ground disasters and design/construction of civil engineering works
  • Social Development Business

    • Environmental surveys, planning and assessment of roads, rivers, etc.
    • Feasibility studies and advisory services related to private finance initiatives (PFI)
    • Surveys, planning, design and management for the construction of medical, welfare and school facilities, etc.
  • Railway Planning Business

    • Planning of railway projects
    • Surveys, planning, design and construction supervision of railway structures and rolling stock maintenance facilities
    • Surveys, planning, design and construction supervision of railway systems and their operation and maintenance

Service Provider Business

  • Road management
  • Public facility management
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) systems
  • Healthcare services

Products Business

  • Sale and rental of eco products
  • Sale of information systems and Application Service Provider (ASP) services

Professional Qualifications (As of September 30, 2021)

Ph. D., 14
Registered Professional Engineer 330
Project Management Professional 2
Value Engineering Leader 12
Registered Civil Consulting Manager 83
1st-class Registered Architect 21
1st-class Registered Construction Management Engineer 74
Class 1 Information Technology Engineer 5
Registered Surveyor 44
Certified Environmental Surveyor 8
Road Bridge Inspector 70
Steel Construction Engineering 5
Concrete Diagnosis & Maintenance Engineers 20