Project consulting is not the end of our services, but merely the beginning.


Leveraging our technology, expertise and extensive experience in Japan,
we participate in railway projects around the world.

Overseas railway projects are generally large-scale and involve large investments, and many of the projects have a large impact on the surrounding natural environment, local communities, regional and urban development, and the economy. We, at Chodai, apply our comprehensive technology and expertise that we have gained through our vast experience in large-scale projects in Japan. We are integrating our expertise in the planning, researching, designing, construction management and contract drafting into existing business fields in railway projects around the world.
Railways are comprised of a wide range of fields including civil engineering structures, tracks, architecture, electrification, signalling and communication, train cars, rail yards, operation plans, and maintenance plans. Leveraging our advantage of the many professional licensed engineers related to the various fields within the extensive network of our company and subsidiaries, Chodai has gained a solid reputation through its many achievements, such as feasibility studies, research and surveys, basic to detailed designing, and construction management.