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Signed a joint venture agreement with a hydropower project development company in Indonesia

Chodai have reached an agreement with PT. Bumi Investco Energi and Alamport Inc. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) to jointly promote the O&M (Operation & Maintenance) supporting business for power plants using IT systems. On March 14th, we signed a joint venture agreement for the establishment of a joint venture company (hereinafter "New Company") in the Indonesia. PT. Bumi Invesco Energi is a hydropower project development company with headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia while Alamport Inc. is a company that supports the development, planning, and investments on energy businesses mainly in Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

With a population of approximately 250 million people, Indonesia has a high electricity demand due to its population and continues economic growth. Indonesia is encouraging the private sector's participation in small-scale hydropower businesses through the aggressive feed-in tariff (FIT) program. As a result, many private companies are entering the hydropower businesses. The New Company that we have established together with partners above will develop a cloud-based O&M information system that will be installed in the power plants. This system can do data collection, remote monitoring, and data analysis. We will provide the O&M management service by giving technical advice and submitting reports of power plants based on the collected data. Through this service with achievement of maximum utilization of power generation potential, the New Company will contribute to the higher energy efficiency in various regions of the Indonesia.