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MOU signed for collaboration to develop the low-carbon economy through the renewable energy projects in Mindanao, the Philippines

Chodai have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) together with six companies: Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co., Ltd., Shizen Energy Inc., Alamport Inc., and local companies Twinpeak Hydro Resources Corp. and Equi -Parco Construction Company which are based in Mindanao, Philippines to collaborate for the development of low-carbon economy through the renewable energy projects in Mindanao, the Philippines.  Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co., Ltd. is one of our group company, Shizen Energy Inc. is a Japanese company that mainly develops and invests in solar and wind power generation businesses, and Alamport Inc. is a  business planning and investment company affiliated to Shizen Energy Inc.. The contents of the MOU are: (1) To create a low-carbon economy development master plan for Caraga region mainly in Butuan City, Mindanao, (2) To collaborate on small hydropower projects and biomass power projects that are already under development in the region, and (3) To collaborate for development of other types of renewable energy projects such as solar, wind or geothermal in a future. 

Moving forward, to contribute deeply to the economic development of the Caraga region, we will expand the development of renewable energy resources aiming for a low-carbon society which is a global trend. Furthermore, we will promote a low-carbon economic development in the Caraga region, Mindanao through the development a low-carbon industrial park in approximately 140 hectares with the aim of attracting private companies to invest in the area. To establish a higher value chain for products in the region, we are encouraging the involvement of public sectors including the governments from both countries for the development and enhancement of roads, ports, and other surrounding infrastructures, and will promote regional development through full-scale PPP.

As a Japanese company who is developing businesses in Mindanao, the Philippines which has great economic development potential, we will keep developing our businesses in line with the high-quality infrastructure exports and the creation of a low-carbon society which is promoted by Japanese Government. Through the low carbon economic development, we would like to contribute to the global warming issue and the peace process in Mindanao.