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Chodai conducts feasibility study for exporting wind turbine system from Japan to utilize for the wind project in Mindanao, the Philippines

Chodai  will conduct a feasibility study for the development of a wind power project in the Caraga region,  Mindanao, the Philippines. This study will be conducted in collaboration with Shizen Energy Inc. (Ken Isono, Kenji Kawado, Masaya Hasegawa, Representative Directors; hereinafter, "Shizen Energy") whom we signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on April of this year to collaborate on the development of renewable energy projects in Mindanao, the Philippines. The project was jointly proposed to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (hereinafter, "METI") and will be implemented during the supporting program named "FY2016 High Quality Energy Infrastructure Overseas Development Promotion Project (Survey on Yen Loans and Private Sector Infrastructure Project Formation)" provided by METI. We have signed an agreement with METI on 2nd September to carry out the survey for about 6 months until the end of February next year.

As a Japanese company who is developing businesses in Mindanao, the Philippines which has great economic development potential, we will keep developing our businesses in line with the high-quality infrastructure exports and the creation of a low-carbon society which is promoted by Japanese Government. Through the low carbon economic development, we would like to contribute to the global warming issue and the peace process in Mindanao.

In addition, we will play the role of liaison with  Japan and other Japanese companies together  in order to deliver the business opportunities as much as possible of participation to the projects in foreign countries with the various Japanese governmental agencies, local governments and private companies.  We would like to contribute strongly to the economic development of Mindanao Island, including the area around Butuan City and furthermore contribute to the regional revitalization of Japan through the export of excellent technology and know-how in various parts of Japan.