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Start selling big data, the tourist transportation record data inside of Bali island, Indonesia

Chodai will start selling the tourist transportation data, which have been collected and retained through the project of "Tourism Information Business for tourist in Bali, Republic of Indonesia" which was launched in 2015, to the general public. 

The needs of big data has been increasing because of the amended Personal Information Protection Law, which will be fully enforced on May 30, 2017. In addition to B to G services in the construction and transportation fields where we are strong at, the product development and research development are expected to utilize B to B and B to C services. For this reason, we will start selling big data as a products business.

[Summary of Sales Data]
Since the data to be sold can be used in various ways, we will try to provide the collected data in its original form as much as possible. The data is obtained based on GPS tracking information through provided smartphone application. The data for sell is created the information from the users who gave us permission to use the data with eliminating personal information such as serial number, etc. to ensure confidentiality.