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PPP projects for regional development of Mindanao Island, Philippines becomes one of the 10 best PPP practices in the world as selected by the United Nations

Since 2011, Chodai have been working with local companies,  Equi-Parco Construction Company and Twinpeak Hydro Resources Corporation. Both companies have their headquarters in Butuan City, located in the northern part of Mindanao Island in the Philippines. Together with the local companies, we have promoted various business activities to contribute to regional development through creation of job opportunities and rise of wages  not only in Butuan City but also to the surrounding areas.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) highly evaluated our efforts involved in regional development through various PPP projects led by the private sector, following a three-step objective to achieve sustainable development, starting from infrastructure development to agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and industrial park development. UNECE has selected the "Philippines, Regional Development, Butuan City Regional Development Program" as one of the 10 best PPP practice projects collected from all over the world. This "Philippines, Regional Development, Butuan City Regional Development Program" is the only one that was selected from the practice in Southeast Asia.

Together with UNECE, we participated in the International PPP forum held in the City University of Hong Kong for 3 days from May 9th to 11th. On May 10th, Mr. Satoshi Kato, Head of Manila Office together with Professor Sam Tabuchi of Toyo University, made presentation about our on-going initiative projects at the session entitled "People First PPP Case Studies".

We will continue to promote our businesses in line with the Japanese government's promotion of high-quality infrastructure exports and the establishment of a low-carbon society. Through low-carbon economic development, we would like to contribute to mitigate the challenges for  global warming, the achievement of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of Japan and the establishment of peace in Mindanao.
In addition, we will play the role of liaison with  Japan and other Japanese companies together  in order to deliver the business opportunities as much as possible of participation to the projects in foreign countries with the various Japanese governmental agencies, local governments and private companies.  

10 Businesses Selected as Best Practices:

1. Chile, Healthcare Sector Sector: Hospital Infrastructure PPP Program: Maipu and La Florida Hospitals.

2. Egypt, Sewerage Systems  Sector: New Cairo Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

3. Ethiopia, Transportation and Traffic Sector: Ethiopia Light Railway Project.

4. Morocco, Energy Sector: Noor II and III Solar Power Plants.

5. Poland, Urban Transportation Sector: Development of Urban Adaptation Plans for cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

6. China, Transportation and Traffic Sector: MTR (Shenzhen) Line 4 PPP/BOT Project. 

7. Ethiopia, Energy Sector:   Energy Access to Shine Refugee Camp.
8. Philippines, Regional Development Sector: Butuan City Regional Development Programme 

9. Ukraine, Port Sector: PPP Kherson Port & Lower Dnieper River. 

10. United States of America, Disaster Recovery Sector: PPP for Temporary-to-Permanent Housing in Disaster Recovery.

Note: Order is the order of presentation of the case studies in the forum. 

URL of United Nations PPP Forum:
"UNECE International Forum on people-first PPPs for the Sustainable Development Goals"

URL of Case Study:
"Compendium of Case Study Material"

※ We will participate in the "Peacebuilding Seminar: Peace Process in Mindanao and contribution of Japanese Government to the Philippines" to be held on June 9, co-sponsored by JICA and Sophia University (  We are the only one entity from business sector invited to participate, and Mr. Satoshi Kato, Head of Manila Office will be present at the panel discussion session of this seminar.