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Lecturing at "The 36th Joint Meeting of the Philippines and Japan Economic Cooperation Committees" plenary session, introducing our business activities in Mindanao, Philippines

Chodai participated and had a presentation in "The 36th Joint Meeting of the Philippines and Japan Economic Cooperation Committees" held in Manila, Philippines on Thursday, February 22, 2018. 

This Cooperation Committee is the 36th Joint Committee since the first one was held in Manila in 1974. Basically, it has being held once a year alternately in Manila and Tokyo to discuss issues such as trade, investment and tourism between the two countries.

Mr. Hiroyuki Shiogama, Managing Director of Corporate Planning Group, and Mr. Yuji Munehiro, General Manager of Business Planning Division, Business Promotion Group from Chodai participated in the committee. In the afternoon, Mr. Satoshi Kato, General Manager of  Finance and Legal Division, Corporate Planning Group and President of Chodai Philippines Corp., participated in the second plenary session entitled "Participating in the Build Build Build Program" and gave a presentation. Chodai was the one out of 3 companies that were selected to present its business activities in the Philippines together with two other Japanese companies, Hitachi Ltd. and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kato's presentation was entitled "PPP Projects towards Sustainable Regional Development in Caraga, Mindanao". Firstly, he introduced the Chodai Group and talked about the regional development projects of Chodai around the area of Butuan City located in northeastern of Mindanao Island since 2011. Based on Chodai's experience, he also explained about the potential development of Mindanao and the likelihood of participation from Japanese companies. Lastly, by citing the fact that the company's origin was from the "bridge" business, he closed his presentation expressing his enthusiasm for becoming the "bridge" between Japan and the Philippines through the business.

We will continue to contribute strongly to the economic development of Mindanao, especially in the areas around Butuan City by taking the role of liaison between Japan and other Japanese companies in order to deliver the business opportunities as much as possible of participation to the projects in foreign countries with the various Japanese governmental agencies, local governments and private companies.