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An inaugural ceremony of Asiga Hydro power project was held as the first power plant in the Caraga region, Mindanao

On April 30, Chodai held an inaugural ceremony in the Caraga region in Mindanao Island, Philippines to mark the completion of the Asiga river small hydropower project and the Taguibo river water supply concession project, the first of its kinds in the region.

Mr. Yasuji Nagaya, President, CEO and Representative Director, Mr. Masashi Yamawaki, Vice President, Managing Director of Admiration Division, Mr. Akinori Ido, Senior Managing Director of Business Promotion Group participated in the ceremony from our company. In addition to our local business partners, Mr. Yoshihiko Shibata, Commerce Officer from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, Mr. Yoshiaki Miwa, Consulate General of Japan in the Davao region, Mr. Takashi Ishihara, JETRO Manila office Director, Mr. Shiro Suzuki, General Manager of Infrastructure and Environmental Finance Division from JBIC, many other Japanese government agencies who have supported our projects and Japanese companies participated. 

The Asiga river small hydropower project which started construction in 2012 has now been successfully completed. It is one of the three small hydropower project on three different rivers that was developed in cooperation with our local partners, Equiparco Construction Company (hereinafter "Equiparco") and Twinpeak Hydro Resources Corporation (hereinafter "Twinpeak").

The Taguibo river water supply concession business, which was inaugurated on the same day, is the first water supply concession project implemented under PPP scheme in rural city in the Philippines. It was also developed under partnership with Equiparco and TwinPeak. Together with the Asiga River Small Hydropower Project, it has been provisionally operated since 2017.

In addition, the Asiga river small hydropower plant has installed generators manufactured by Voith Fuji Hydro. For the Taguibo river water supply concession business, we take up water pipes from Kurimoto Ltd., valves from Maezawa Industries Inc. and fittings from Cosmo Koki Co., Ltd. In line with the high quality infrastructure export strategy promoted by the Japanese government, equipment from Japanese companies have been introduced.  

We have consistently continued to create business opportunities for Japanese companies to get involved and collaborate with them to the fullest extent possible and practiced as a liaison to create opportunities to bring in people, goods and investments from Japan. This year, we aim to further strengthen our role as a liaison and establish an association to provide more opportunities for Japanese companies to participate in the program. Through these activities, we intend to contribute to the economic development of the Caraga region in Mindanao.

We will continue to promote our businesses in line with the Japanese government's promotion of high-quality infrastructure exports and the establishment of a low-carbon society. Through low-carbon economic development, we would like to contribute to mitigate the challenges for  global warming, the achievement of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of Japan and the establishment of peace in Mindanao.
In addition, we will play the role of liaison with  Japan and other Japanese companies together  in order to deliver the business opportunities as much as possible of participation to the projects in foreign countries with the various Japanese governmental agencies, local governments and private companies.  We would like to contribute strongly to the economic development of Mindanao Island, including the area around Butuan City and furthermore contribute to the regional revitalization of Japan through the export of excellent technology and know-how in various parts of Japan.