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A case study at "The 3rd Industrial Cooperation Dialogue between Philippines and Japan", a session on introduction of initiatives in Mindanao, Philippines

Chodai participated in "The 3rd Industrial Cooperation Dialogue between Philippines and Japan" held in Manila, Philippines on Friday 22nd June and gave a presentation on the case study.

This is the third time for the Industrial Cooperation Dialogue between Philippines and Japan, and the conference aims at strengthening  industrial cooperation and economic relations between Japan and the Philippines. It  is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry from Japan (METI) and the Department of Trade and Industry from the Philippines (DTI) and held once a year in Manila.

From Chodai, Mr. Satoshi Kato, the General Manager of Finance and Legal Division, Corporate Planning Group and concurrently serving as president of CHODAI Philippines, participated and gave a presentation entitled "Participating in the Build Build Build Program (a regional business development by utilizing the characteristics of Mindanao, Caraga region)" in the session program of the fourth theme "REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Creation of Employment Through LOCAL Industry Development".

After giving an introduction of Chodai Group, the presentation was followed by a description of the regional development projects that have been carried out since 2011 in the area around Butuan City in northeastern Mindanao and the factors that have contributed to the smooth progress of the projects so far. Specifically, the contents are (1) Projects with involvement of the Japanese companies and the Japanese government (2) Projects based on long-term time line basis (3) Projects being done step by step basis (4) A reliable local partners and sharing policies firmly with both parties etc. Finally, based on Chodai experience, the development potential in Mindanao and the business opportunities for Japanese companies are explained. Also, the importance of economic development in rural cities such as Butuan City with  400,000 population as well as megacities such as Manila or Cebu was explained from the perspective of nation-wide development with referring to so-called "balanced entire development of the nation or Mindanao Island" .

We will play the role of liaison with  Japan and other Japanese companies together  in order to deliver the business opportunities as much as possible of participation to the projects in foreign countries with the various Japanese governmental agencies, local governments and private companies.  We would like to contribute strongly to the economic development of Mindanao Island, including the area around Butuan City.