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Contributed to the promotion of PPP in the Philippines with capacity building through assignment of a instructor for PPP training program held by the provincial government of Cebu

Chodai dispatched an employee as an instructor following the request of Toyo University Asia PPP Institute (Toyo University APPPI) to give training on "Value for Money in PPP Procurement" which were held in Cebu City, Philippines on Tuesday, 28th and Wednesday, 29th August.

This training was performed by Toyo University APPPI at the request of the Provincial Government of Cebu who conducted a PPP feasibility study in 2015. This training is an opportunity to learn how to proceed and what to do for appropriate PPP projects and aims to promote PPP in local government with capacity building of local government staff. Approximately 50 staffs, mainly from the public sector, participated this training. 

Following the request of Toyo University APPPI, Mr. Satoshi Kato, General Manager of Finance & Legal Division, Corporate Planning Group and concurrently serving as the president of Chodai Philippines Corp. was assigned as the instructor. Mr. Kato played a role of the instructor for the lecture about PPP scheme and the facilitator in group work with Prof. Sam Tabuchi (Professor of International Studies, Toyo University and Director of APPPI) and others. 

As well as we always have done, we are working on local economic development through various businesses together with local partners in Mindanao, the Philippines, and we will keep contributing to the economic development in Caraga region and Mindanao.

In addition, we would like to continue as well actively to the progress of PPP throughout the Philippines and the economic development of the Philippines through participation to the similar training and lecture activities as a part of CSR with assignment of our employees as instructor, facilitator or organizer.