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Lecture at the Indonesia Smart City Event

We participated in and addressed the "Indonesia-Japan Collaboration Seminar toward ASEAN Smart Cities Network Development" held in Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday, 18th December, 2018.

This seminar, hosted by JETRO and others, was held with the aim to discuss effective technologies and policies for the development of smart and sustainable cities, and possible future business collaboration between Indonesia and Japanese companies.

The seminar started with the opening speech by the Indonesian Ministry of Information and Communication and JETRO Japan, followed by a report from UNDP on the scheme established to promote smart cities. Four local municipalities in Indonesia (Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Makassar City, Bandung City, and Banyuwangi Province) introduced status of smart city initiatives and four Japanese companies (Chodai Co., Ltd, NEC Corporation, Open Logi Corporation, and NEDO: National Research and Development Agency, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) presented the effective technology/services and application examples for creating smart cities.

Dr. Yuji Munehiro, General manager of Business Planning Division, Chodai Co., Ltd participated in and gave a presentation in the seminar.

The contents of presentation were, initially about the introduction of the Chodai Group, followed by the three themes that have been implemented for small hydropower plants in Indonesia as an outline and results of the Japan-ASEAN new industry creation project that has been entrusted with the business consignment from JETRO. In addition, there was the introduction of regional development projects led by the private sector in the Caraga region, Mindanao Island Philippines which has been using the service concept and technology of PT AMCO Hydro Indonesia. PT AMCO is supporting hydropower asset management in Indonesia and Chodai owns 34% share.

Furthermore, on the following day, 19th (Wednesday), we also made presentation at a demonstration session of the Japan-ASEAN New Industry Creation Business held in Jakarta and organized by AMEICC, METI, JETRO, and AOTS. The director general-level classes from the Department of Trade, Department of Communication and Informatics, and Department of Energy & Mineral Resources, Indonesia were participated and there was a lively Q&A session.

〈Dr. Yuji Munehiro, General manager of Business Planning Division, addressing the event〉