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Notice on the appointment of the new president of Chodai Philippines Corporation

We have made changes in the assigned organization of Chodai Philippines Corporation (Makati City, Philippines) from 1st December, following the resolution of the board of directors meeting held during last November. Mr. Masayuki Oura, Manager of the Business Development Promotion Division, Business Promotion Group was promoted from vice president to the president role. Furthermore,  Mr. Satoshi Kato, General manager of the Finance and Legal Division, Corporate Planning Group was appointed from president to chairman of the Board.

Since 2011, we have been engaged in various businesses with our local partners to contribute to the regional development in Caraga with the aim of creating job opportunities and increasing the income of the people in the surrounding area, including Butuan City (Mr. Ronnie Lagnada, mayor of Butuan) which is the primary city of Caraga region, located in the northeastern part of Mindanao Island.
Chodai Philippines Corp. was established in December of 2017 as our 100% owned subsidiary company with Mr. Satoshi Kato being appointed as the president since its establishment. The company was established in order to expand and develop our businesses in the Philippines, including the regional development projects in Mindanao. 

The appointment of Mr. Masayuki Oura as the new President is in recognition of his achievements and experiences over the past three years as the vice president of Chodai Philippines Corp. and having been involved in projects in the Philippine for over five years since 2014.  While Mr. Satoshi Kato has been appointed to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) from November to next autumn, he will still continue to be involved in the businesses activities as the chairman of Chodai Philippines Corp..