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Chodai received an order of 8 MW Steam Turbine Generator equipment supply for Waste to Energy Power Generation Project in Thailand

We  have received an order for equipment supply and plant engineering services for an 8MW Waste To Energy (hereinafter, "WTE") power Plant project consisting of steam turbine power generator and condenser in Nongkhai Province, Thailand. (Business operator: Nongkhainayu Co,. Ltd. (hereinafter, NKNY)). This is the first project we have received an order for a WTE power generation project in Thailand.

This is WTE power plant. that means the electricity power will be generated by the waste heat energy. that is produced from the incinerated waste disposal by NKNY too. NKNY is going to undertake this Waste and Power Generation from a local government in Nongkhai province. The generated electricity will be sold to local power authorities. 

We have contributed to the regional development of Southeast Asian countries in the field of renewable energy before. In particular, we have a proven track record in the business of safely disposing waste, especially in medical waste disposal in Vietnam. and we have biomass power generation in Philippines too.  In order to secure this project, we received a comprehensive evaluation of our achievements in the renewable energy business, as well as our high reliability and our regional contributions.  

Thus far, we have contributed to regional development around Southeast Asia in the field of renewable energy and environmental improvement. Presently, the demand for WTE power plants from both aspects of waste treatment system and power generation is increasing in Southeast Asian countries. and, we, Chodai, have knowledge and experience how to work well for contributing to the improvement of local environments, measures against global warming and the development of sustainable businesses that contribute to resource- recycling society.