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Established Chodai Taiwan (local subsidiary) in Taiwan

We have established Chodai Taiwan Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary in Taipei, Taiwan.

Name: Chodai Taiwan Inc.
Toshimichi Hosoya
Date of establishment: April 23, 2021
Capital: NTD 54,000,000
Investment: 100% of Chodai Co., Ltd.

As a global infrastructure service provider function that we have cultivated, the purpose is to make use of the minimum infrastructure system that focuses on environment-friendly and locally distributed energy production for local consumption to contribute to the region of Taiwan.

In addition, together with our partner e-Formula, we will expand the solar power generation business in Taiwan, develop into other renewable energy businesses, collaborate in our consulting business in the infrastructure field, and further, infrastructure in Taiwan. We will continue to develop into consulting business in the business field.