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Conclusion of Sponsorship Agreement with Zip Infrastructure, Inc.

Chodai has signed a sponsorship agreement to provide technical support for Zip Infrastructure, Inc. (headquarters: Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Takamasa Suchi, website: who has developed a self-drive ropeway called "Zippar".

"Zippar" is a new transportation system that aims to solve the traffic congestion problem that causes economic losses of over 26.7 trillion yen/year in urban areas around the world. "Zippar" features "low cost, automatic driving and free design" and makes it possible to construct a system with half the transportation volume of conventional monorails at 1/5 the cost and time. Zip Infrastructure, Inc. is currently preparing to test an 8-seat model in mid-2022.

Meanwhile, for the AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) business that Chodai is promoting, "Zippar" is also expected to be a feeder transportation system providing connections to vertiports, which are takeoff and landing areas for eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft.

Chodai supports Zip Infrastructure, Inc. in the development and introduction of the next-generation transportation system "Zippar", which has excellent convenience, safety and economy. We strive to contribute to the creation of an attractive urban environment without traffic congestion by using our technological expertise in infrastructure development.

Self-drive Ropeway "Zippar"