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Chodai has received an order for Waste to Energy generator equipment in Petchaburi, Thailand.

 As a service provider, Chodai promotes participation in renewable energy projects.
 As part of this, Chodai is expanding its business to Waste to Energy in Asia.

 Chodai has received an order for plant engineering work and equipment supply for a 9.9MW Steam Turbine Generator and Air Cooled Condenser for Waste to Energy (operator: Super Energy Group Co. Ltd.) in Petchaburi Province, Thailand.
This is Chodai's second facility supply order for Waste to Energy in Thailand.

 In this project, Super Energy Group Co. Ltd. will undertake waste disposal operations from the municipality of Petchaburi, use the heat generated when the waste is incinerated to generate power, and sell the power to the Petchaburi region.

 Waste to Energy means generating electricity using the heat generated when waste is incinerated. This is attracting attention as a solution to both waste and energy problems(cost reduction of fossil fuels, low carbonization) at the same time. It is popular in Southeast Asian countries, especially in Thailand.

 Chodai guarantees and provides the important power generation part of Waste to Energy, from engineering to equipment supply. Because of this, Chodai is able to make proposals based on Japan's high technological capabilities, create budgets that match business profitability, and create businesses with partners in each region.

Image of Waste to Energy

Mr.Arkom Managing Director (SUPER ENERGY GROUP社)(Right side) and Mr.Hosoya/Chodai(Left side)