News & Update

Chodai coordinated the delegation from Local Government Units in Mindanao, the Philippines visiting to the waste treatment facility in Tachikawa City.

 We invited 16 deputy mayors from Caraga Region including Butuan City, Mindanao, Philippines to visit Tachikawa City Clean Center "TACHIMNey" (Izumi-cho, Tachikawa City, Japan) to inspect the facility and exchange opinions on waste treatment administration, with the cooperation of the City Government of Tachikawa.

 According to the legal framework in the Philippines, each municipality is responsible for waste treatment, but that is the one of the biggest challenges for the local government unit in the Philippines. In addition, there are still no examples of waste-to-energy in the Philippines that makes use of the thermal energy generated by incineration. While some of advanced projects under infrastructure PPP schemes are gradually emerging among local governments in the Philippines. The Tachikawa Clean Center, an advanced waste treatment and power generation facility with the above features must be perfect to be introduced to local government officials in the Philippines to deepen their knowledge of Japan's proud waste treatment administration. We consider that providing an opportunity for Japanese companies to come into the development of high-quality infrastructure in the area of solid waste management in the country.

 In 2015, we concluded a memorandum of understanding with our main partner in the Philippines, Mindanao, and others on a comprehensive partnership for economic development in Caraga Region, Mindanao, where employment shortages and peace issues are deep-rooted. The company has been contributing to the economic development of the region through various projects such as micro hydroelectric power generation, water supply, agriculture, and aquaculture. In all infrastructure fields, including waste treatment infrastructure, which is the main purpose of this invitation.
Chodai will continue to be a liaison and contribute to further economic development in the region by deepening friendly relationship between the Caraga region, especially Butuan City, and the Japanese entities including governmental agencies.