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Completion Ceremony of Taoyuan solar power project in Taiwan and, new MOU signing ceremony for a Solar power project of the Water Resources Bureau, Tainan City, Taiwan

 Chodai  have done that consulting and investment of solar power generation project in Taoyuan through Chodai Taiwan lnc.,(100%  subsidiary of Chodai. Taipei city, Taiwan, President Mr.Toshimichi Hosoya, hereinafter referred to as "Chodai Taiwan") with our Taiwanese partner e-Formula Technologies Inc.(Taipei city, Taiwan, Chairman Mr.Peter Chang, hereinafter referred to as "e-Formula") 
 This solar project has now been successfully operation from on June 21st, 2023. The completion ceremony was held on August 4th, 2023 in Taipei City.

 The Taoyuan solar was installed on the roof of the Taoyuan Baofeng Co., Ltd. factory in Taoyuan City (Photo 1). This is our first own solar power generation project in Taiwan. 
 We faced many difficult situations like COVID-19, shortages of semiconductor, sudden rising of shipping costs, the Ukraine problem, sudden exchange rate fluctuations, etc. However, even that situation, Chodai Taiwan achieved Taiwan solar power solar project with e-Formula.
This is very important renewable energy project for our company as  "Infrastructure Services Provider". 

 At the completion ceremony, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held by representatives of e-Formula and Chodai (Photo 2).

 In addition, a new memorandum of understanding(MOU) for the next 10 MW solar power generation project of the Water Resources Bureau, Tainan City Government, was signed between Chodai and e-Formula (Photo3). Chodai and Chodai Taiwan are planning to aggressively develop of renewable projects in Taiwan.

 Finally, we are pleased to inform that the completion and signing ceremony was news by the following Taiwanese media.

1. 經濟日報



1. The Taoyuan Solar Power plant

2. The completion ceremony

3. The MOU signing ceremony
(Left side: Mr. Nagaya, Chairman of Chodai ; Right side: Mr. Peter Chang, Chairman of e-Formula)

4. The flower gifts at ceremony